Privilege Is…

Anyone who knows me, knows I can’t be on time for anything. And while I am very often late, I am also quite often early. I just seem to lack the ability to time things well. How long it will take me to get dressed, to walk the dog, to travel somewhere. You’ll often see … [Read more…]

It’s Not Racist To Say Diamonds On Your Time Piece

If you’ve turned on a radio in the last few months, you can’t help but hear Lorde’s incredibly catchy song Royals, which criticizes conspicuous consumption. Lorde laments the fact that popular music is filled artists who glorify consumerism and feature high-end products most of their listening audience will never see be able to obtain. Despite a pretty positive … [Read more…]

The Ignorant Defense Of Zwarte Piet

Since I like having Dutch friends, I don’t discuss Zwarte Piet. If you’re Dutch and you want to keep being my friend, I’d highly recommend not reading any further and we can continue with said friendship. The overwhelming opinion that the character isn’t racist makes a discussion about Zwarte Piet impossible. I’ve written about Zwarte … [Read more…]

A Moral Opposition To Hip Hop/Country Mash Ups

I got started on this, like so many other things, listening to a Planet Money podcast. They were discussing how songs become hits and mentioned the song Cruise by the country group Florida Georgia Line. Originally it did ok on the country charts but became a mainstream hit when re-released with rapper Nelly. While watching … [Read more…]