I Am Mad

I read this article in the Guardian a few days ago but it has taken me awhile to put my finger on exactly why it bothered me so much. The woman in question tolerates her husband cheating on her for 35 years, including fucking her best friend in their child’s bedroom on the day of … [Read more…]

Conditional Love

First, it was this adorable article about America’s longest married couple. Then it was an article on parenting advice. I’ve seen it before. The claim of unconditional love. Look, human beings, for good reason, don’t love each other unconditionally. Your parents don’t love you unconditionally. You don’t love your kids unconditionally. You damn sure don’t … [Read more…]

Filtering Pop Culture Through The Lens Of Feminism

The Onion, a while ago, nailed it on the head. “Saying that she just wanted a little time to relax and “not even think about” confining gender stereotypes, local health care industry consultant Natalie Jenkins reportedly took a 30-minute break from being a feminist last night to kick back and enjoy a television program.” If … [Read more…]