Hidden Gems in Delft

The city of Delft, nestled between Rotterdam and The Hague, is more famous for its hand painted blue tiles than its food scene. But once you dig a little deeper (and get off the touristy Markt) you can find some very delicious food. This article originally appeared in Toten and you can read the full … [Read more…]

Dining Out – Cafe De V

I can’t say I’ve been especially impressed with the food culture in the Netherlands. The Dutch don’t seem to be “foodies” in the way I’m used to and nearly every cafe in town offers a basic menu with basic options. Even the Indian, Thai, and Indonesian restaurants are pretty bland. So when I was searching … [Read more…]

Restaurant Review – Proof

“All proofs rest on premises” – Aristotle My excursion to Proof was a fluke.  A friend of a friend is the sommelier and part owner.  Our mutual friend decided, late one evening, that a group of us should go.  We slid in the door just before the kitchen stopped serving. The restaurant is really well … [Read more…]

Restaurant Review – The Caucus Room

“I have learned the difference between a cactus and a caucus. On a cactus, the pricks are on the outside.” – Morris Udall The Caucus Room is one of those DC institution type restaurants where you’re likely to run into some House committee chair lunching with a lobbyist. The meal was stellar and the company … [Read more…]

Restaurant Review – The Machine Shed

“I’m from Iowa, we don’t know what cool is!” -Aston Kutcher I spent my weekend in Des Moines, Iowa, attending the wedding of close friends of mine.  The wedding was held at the Living History Farms. Although I wasn’t especially thrilled with spending a weekend in Iowa, I have to admit that the food at … [Read more…]