2019 House Renovation Wrap

We rounded out 2019 by (mostly) completing a long, long page of to-dos around the house.  For the first year, essentially, we worked every weekend and at least one or two nights during the week on the house. After the summer, we cut that back to just the weekends and then, eventually, only one day … [Read more…]

September House Update

Despite a lot of work travel for both of us and a brief vacation to Terschelling, we did manage to get a number of things ticked off the to-do list in September.  The most notable is that we finally bought (and hung) a mirror for the bathroom. We’ve been without a bathroom mirror for the … [Read more…]

August House Update

If I am being honest, the renovation is coming to a close. Nearly all of the big projects we have planned to do are finished. The list that is left is short and much of what we are doing around the house now is maintenance more than rebuilding.  We’ve been officially living in the house … [Read more…]

July House Update

We managed to not melt in July, which, honestly, could just be this entire update.  Mostly we bought things. Light fixtures for the guest room and the living room.    Sheets for the bed. One very lovely soap dispenser.  Mostly we worked on building a table for the guest room, since we have guests coming. … [Read more…]

June House Update

June has been pretty productive for the house. We got the balcony flooring, installed it, sanded it and stained it. (Our neighbors actually did a lot of the work. The balcony is shared.) Then we reinstalled the railing. Next up is filling up all these lovely flower boxes which we also prepped in June.  We … [Read more…]