[ACCESS] New trends in old drinks

Liquor, beer, and even wine have been made in the Netherlands for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. But a recent renewed interest in the craft has increased creativity at your local bar—everything from beer made from rainwater to hand-crafted liquors aging under the floorboards of a restaurant. So if you’re sick of the pilsner that’s always on tap or … [Read more…]

Best Bars in Delft

Ventured into Delft for dinner or check out the Vermeer exhibition and want to stop off for a drink afterwards? The town has lots to offer, no matter your poison. But sometimes you have to get off the beaten path to find the best spots. Read the rest on Toten. 

Best beer… in town

Delft has lots of great bars offering a wide beer selection. But which bars to choose and which beers to order? Molly Quell, Delta’s International Editor and beer lover, took on an evening on the town (and the next morning’s hangover) so she can share with you the best spots and some great Dutch beers. … [Read more…]