I did something yesterday that I rarely do. I quit something. Two things actually, two tiny side projects I was working on.  I struggle with quitting. I stay in relationships for too long. Stay at jobs long past when I should. Once I start a book, I always finish it no matter how much I … [Read more…]

Pack With Me

Like many folks, I like to watch YouTube. And, as with any platform, there are trends. One of the trends amongst YouTube’s cool kids is to do Pack With Me videos, where they show you what they pack for a weekend or their travel makeup kit, etc. I’ve been watching a few of these.  Last … [Read more…]

Working From Home

If you work from home, how do you do it? I’m not talking about the occasional work from home day because you’re sick or waiting for an important package, but when your office is at home and you work there most of the time.  I ask because I am now working from home full-time.  Now … [Read more…]


I am a compulsive podcast listener. Lately I’ve been binge listening to What You’re Wrong About, where two journalists “circle back to an event, person or trend that’s been misremembered in the public imagination.” It’s really well done but also very depressing. Previous topics have included the Satanic Panic, Stranger Danger and Jeffery Dahmer.  But … [Read more…]

Behind The Scenes

A week or so ago, I watched this video from New York Magazine of Claire Saffitz. She’s a pastry chef at Bon Appetite and stars in the Gourmet Makes series, where she tries to recreate different types of junk food.  I love the series because I love the food science behind it, but until I … [Read more…]