The McMillan Reservoir

“The park was conceived of as part of “a necklace of emeralds,” large permanent reserves of open green space connected by trails that would ring the city. “ -from the McMillan Sand Filtration Site Wikipedia entry. For the longest time, I was convinced that the CIA had a secret facility under the McMillan Reservoir.  Why … [Read more…]

Where Is The Food?

“Becoming obese is a normal response to the American environment.” -James Hill Living in DC, you hear the term “food desert” tossed around a lot, usually referring to poor areas of the city where there are no real grocery stores, only corner bodegas that sell Doritos and Pepsi. It’s true, they are food deserts. There … [Read more…]

To Gentrify Or Not

“This area is gentrifying fast. New people are moving in who think they want to live in the forest until they live in the forest. Then they want to cut down all the trees because they can’t see the sun.” -Todd Steiner The neighborhood where I live has been up in arms the last few … [Read more…]