Take the train for a weekend in Rotterdam

With Eurostar now running a three-hour service from London to Rotterdam, the city’s fortunes as a tourist hub are set to boom. So, get over there now and appreciate the fantastic views, great museums and excellent cocktails before the British stag parties take over, says Molly Quell. Read more.

In Defense Of Starbucks

A few weeks ago, I took a weekend trip to Madrid. It was packed with lots and lots of tapas, plenty of wine, two museums, untold plazas, at least two ice cream cones and one trip to Starbucks. Something I’ve been pretty roundly mocked for. I was defending the existence of Starbucks in Italy last … [Read more…]

No One Cares If You Hate McDonalds

On one of the many podcasts that I listen to, The Gist, host Mike Pesca interviewed TV producer Phil Rosenthal about his new TV show “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.” It’s basically a travel TV show where Phil goes around to different places and eats food there. Rosenthal discussed what his food preferences are and … [Read more…]


‘Less you think Barcelona, and London twice wasn’t enough, I also managed to squeeze in a quick (six week) jaunt to the US in the past few months. And because merely going to the US wasn’t enough, I managed to hit up: Washington, DC Maryland Delaware Tennessee Mississippi Louisiana Texas I accomplished: being in a … [Read more…]

London – Part 2

I liked London so much I came back for me. This time prompted by a conference that the fabulous Dana was attending. The first night, I crashed her swanky conference dinner and stayed in her fancy conference hotel. For the rest of the weekend, we shared a room in an Airbnb. There was some repeats … [Read more…]