Chick Flicks Suck

“Chick flick or chick lit diminishes it and is sort of insulting to women and men.” -Curtis Hanson

Go here and read about how seven popular chick flicks are sexist. I was actually looking for a list of awesome bad horror movies when I found this. I’m proud to say I’ve ever seen a single movie on that list (I did read the Twillight books however.) I’d argue that nearly every so-called chick flick is, at least, somewhat misogynistic. And total trash.

Twillight, of course, is on there. The movie is summed up as:

I’ve killed people before.

It does not matter.

I wanted to kill you at first. I’ve never wanted a human’s blood so much, before.

I trust you.


Memoirs of a Geisha made the list, which surprised me, but after reading their description, doesn’t. And a whole bunch of crappy movies with Meg Ryan and Kate Hudson. And finally, Pretty Woman. It’s summed up like this,

“By tying 100 percent of a woman’s self-worth to her clothes. Not the love of a man, not a renewed sense of dignity, not even the ability to pass as a member of the upper class. Expensive, designer clothes are all it takes to pull a hooker out of the gutter and into the opera house. During a 45 minute makeover scene Vivian walks into a Rodeo Drive boutique all pouty-mouthed and gangly–a big-lipped, shamefaced fallen woman who knows she doesn’t belong in the same room as regular folk. Give her some expensive clothes, some flattery and overt groveling from the service caste, and she walks out of there like the honest-to-God Queen of Sheba.”

And then there is a Sarah Palin joke. So enjoy that.

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