Condom Olympics

It needs to become as easy to get hold of a condom in a poor country as Coca-Cola.” -Clare Short

Miss Universe contestants participated in the Condom Olympics. The contestants took part in several activities geared towards teaching them about the spread of STDs, the effectiveness of condoms, and general information about sexual health. From this article:

“The games the contestants played today, along with the Condom Olympics, included one in which peer educators gave each girl a piece of paper and asked them to solicit signatures from the other contestants. Though they didn’t realize it, each signature represented an act of sex. Some girls agreed to only share their card with one other person, while others chose not to share their cards at all. After the activity, the girls were told that some of them had been “HIV positive” at the start of the game. Then they tracked, through their signatures, how far the infection had spread. The girls who “abstained” or chose to only have one “partner” found out they had remained “HIV negative”. The contestants also learned how to conduct a condom demonstration correctly, and tested the limits of condom breakage by filling condoms with water and blowing them with air until they burst.”

Of course, people have found this just terribly offensive. ZOMG:

“These ‘Condom Olympics’ seem quite counterproductive to raising awareness of the seriousness of HIV,” Cordova [of the Claire Booth Luce Policy Institute, a conservative women’s organization] told “Instead of emphasizing the
severity of the AIDS pandemic, the Miss Universe organization has instead chosen to make a game out of it.”

At least the Claire Booth Luce Policy Institute believes in AIDS, unlike Climate Change, which the Institute thinks is a myth.

However, their real message is that AIDS is not a game. Clearly taking a difficult concept and simplifying it into an easier-to-understand method of learning is evil. I’m sure the Institute is against mnemonic devices too.

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