Crib Notes

“It’s a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter…” -Sarah Palin

If you have any ability to use the internet, you know that Sarah Palin wrote some crib notes on her hand for her speech during the Tea Party Convention.
I mean we all know Palin is an idiot, so it’s not surprising that someone who couldn’t name a single publication that she reads needs to remember to “Lift American Spirit.”

The Daily Show, of course, had some funny things to say about the whole Tea Party convention. You should watch the clip just to see how OBVIOUSLY she checks out her hand during the Q & A. It’s absurd. Any 17 year old who has ever taken a standardized test can cheat better than that. Holy shit.

Jon Stewart wasn’t the only person who had a smart ass remark for Sarah Palin. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs got in on the action too.

And by the way, I will lick the “Lame Stream Media” right off of Wyatt Cenac’s abs.

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