Dating Advice From A Serial Killer

I pretty much disregard all advice that starts out with something along the lines of “Well it used to be better back in the olden days.” You should too. Perhaps the writer is nostalgic for a time that they see as better, but they rarely connect the dots between their specific issue and the larger context.

Take, for example, this bit of lamenting about how things used to be (no evidence for things actually being this way, apparently we’re supposed to regard the author as an expert on the history of American dating culture.)

No. 3 – I’ll pick you up at your place

There’s a reason we don’t do this anymore. It’s called serial killers. Oh and the growing autonomy of women to transport themselves wherever they damn well please.

No. 5 – Dinner, not coffee, not drinks

Has the author never been on a terrible date? I have. You know what makes a date even more terrible? When you realize your date is a raging misogynist before the appetizer arrives. Or racist. Or wrote this article. Or wants kids. (Okay, maybe one of those is only for me.)

No. 8 – The guy is supposed to pick up the tab

No. This is false. And heteronormative.

No. 9 – He’s supposed to take – or walk – you home

Do you not watch Criminal Minds? This is how people die horrendously painful deaths.

The rest of the suggestions are, as you would expect, also heteronormative, misogynistic and terrible.lecter

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