December House Update

Since, thankfully, the housing construction is slowing down, so will be the frequency of these updates. Here’s what happened in December!

The biggest project was that we started working on top floor. We’d been sleeping there but with no electricity, no hand railing, no curtains and generally no semblance of order. First we decamped to the guest room where we discovered that our guest bed is extremely comfortable. Then we headed off to the hardware store to buy all sorts of things including a lot of wood to build a bed and a railing, a curtain rod, one bazillion screws and more electrical stuff.

Just before Christmas, we started by moving all of the materials upstairs, cutting all of the pieces we needed and endlessly debating the design. The boyfriend got all of the outlets to work (the overhead light still does not) and reinstalled the sideboard.

I also finished up a few smaller projects. We had a small leak in the bathroom, so we patched that, sanded down the door frame and painted it. I took the opportunity, after trashing the bathroom, to really scrub it clean.

Also I installed a small piece of wood in front of the cabinet about the stairs, filled that and painted it. Before it didn’t blend in so well with the ceiling and now it’s pretty seamless.

We installed smoke detectors and discovered the dog hates them. We had the last bit of the living room wall plastered and we painted and sanded that. Now you can’t tell it was ever not there! The boyfriend also started to work on fixing this outlet in the kitchen, which is an ongoing process.

January is mostly about (hopefully) finishing the bed!

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