Defending Pat Robertson

“These days, the wages of sin depend on what kind of deal you make with the devil.” -Kara Vichko

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that Pat Roberston is claiming that Haiti suffered from an earthquake because they made a pact with the devil to free themselves from the French. If by making a deal with the devil, he meant paying the French

“…a war-damage payment of 150 million francs—estimated at $21 billion in 2004 US dollars.”

In Pat Robertson’s defense, he wasn’t crazy enough to come up with this idea on his own. Other people have made this claim first, according to this piece on From that piece:

“Contrary to most people’s reactions to Pat Robertson’s remarks on Wednesday, his reference to Haiti’s “pact with the devil” did not appear out of thin air. As Matt Yglesias has pointed out this was a reference to the Bois Caiman ceremony at the beginning of the Haitian Revolution in 1791.”

It’s an interesting (and quick) read.

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