Dog Food Chronicles – Part 4

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings

This chick is really the reason I started to make and kept at making my dog’s food. Which is funny, given the fact that she’s too grossed out by meat to make her own raw food. Eve told me to go talk to the owner of Big Bad Woof. So I did. And I got tons of literature. I bought a DVD from this chick, who is, without a doubt, a genius. I picked up a few books. I scoured the internet. I talked to me vet. I harassed Eve. (She’s lucky she lives in Texas.)

Now, look, I’m not an expert in dog nutrition. Hell, I’m not an expert in dogs. Or anything really. (According to some, I am an expert at being a pain in the ass.) But I’m pretty smart and I’ve got some common sense. So I took all this information I got and I came up with a formula.

A dog needs to eat 2% of it’s body weight per day. My 75lbs dog needs 1.5lbs of food per day.

60-75% of the dogs diet should be meat. Of that, 5-10% should be organ meat. Vegetables should make up 5-10% as well as fruit.

My actual ratios (which I’m going to do in another post) are never near perfect. I don’t have unlimited resources so I have to use what I have available. I pretty much use whatever I can get my hands on. I throw it all in the food processor, blend, mix, and bag into 1.5lbs bags.

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