Don’t Be A Jackass

“You can’t be truly rude until you understand good manners.” -Rita Mae Brown

I came across this article in the LA Times discussing the new fad of taking pictures of your food at restaurants. Food bloggers and chronic Twit-pic’ers are causing disruptions in restaurants by taking pictures of food.

However, if you read the article, you’ll realize the problem isn’t “taking pictures of the food.” Instead, the problem is “people being self-absorbed twats.”

According to the piece, “Maitre d’s regularly face diners demanding to be moved away from camera flashes and the sound of firing shutters. Waiters find themselves tongue-tied as customers thrust voice recorders at them to capture a recitation of each course.”

That’s not being a foodie. That’s being a dick. Don’t annoy your fellow diners with camera flashes, for God’s sake. One or two quick pics probably won’t disrupt the restaurant. Making a reservation for two, but requesting a table for four to accommodate your fucking tripod (it’s in the article) is disruptive and rude.

I’m going to start doing restaurant reviews (I have one in the works right now.) I take pictures of my food. I do it quickly, subtly, and without disturbing the people at my table, let alone the people across the room.

And then I eat it. Because that’s what I’m there for in the first fucking place.

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