Dutch Equality

Don’t let Europe fool you, America. They can be just as close-minded and racist as any duck call maker. By declaring that forgeriners need to sign a “participation contract.”

“Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Den Bosch are among the Dutch towns and cities to start experimenting with ensuring new immigrants, including EU citizens, sign a ‘participation declaration’”

What’s in this so-called “participation declaration?” You can read a roughly translated text but here are some of the highlights:

Welcome to the Netherlands!

I don’t feel all that welcome at the moment.

For example, you may not deliberately insult someone, discriminate against them or stimulate hatred.

Have you met your fellow countrymen?

In the Netherlands, all citizens are treated equally.

Which is why members of parliament have had debates about the “Moroccan problem.” Why the Prime Minister has said that Swedes are better than Turks. Why gay men are attacked in public parks. Where only 21% of senior managers are women.

Citizens have the right to live in a safe environment, to decent housing, to fair labour contracts, a minimum wage when they work, good education and good medical care.

Unless you’re Bulgarian.

In the Netherlands, we ask all citizens to contribute to a pleasant and safe society, for example, by working, going to school or doing voluntary work.

Yes, because working or going to school are ideas unique to Dutch society and not the norm of every other society on the planet.

The best part?

“People coming to the Netherlands under the highly-skilled migrant scheme will not be required to sign the declaration. Nor will international students.”

I thought everyone was treated equally?


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