Epic Laziness Leads To Exploiting Children

“If you have a difficult task, give it to a lazy person – they will find an easier way to do it.” -Unknown

I’m trying to get some work done, so I’m sitting at the desk in my bedroom. The bedroom overlooks the parking lot of my apartment complex.

I look out the window to see a car pull up. In the front seat there is an adult of indeterminable sex, talking on a cell phone. The car stops. A Asian child, approximately eight years of age, gets out carrying a big bag of what looks like take out Chinese food. He walks up to my neighbors door. He knocks. The neighbors answer. The neighbors hand over money, the child hands over the food.

The child walks back to the car, gets back into the back seat, and hands the money to the person sitting in the front. The car drives away.

How fucking lazy do you have to be to send an eight year old child to deliver food while you sit in the car and watch? Is the economy so bad that parents are farming out their children to delivery companies? What the fuck is going on here?

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