Even Socialist Utopias Aren’t Perfect

“There is nothing so asinine that governments will not proclaim it as official doctrine.” -Lord Nolan

Currently, the Netherlands is governed by a coalition government between the VVD (Peoples Party For Freedom And Democracy), a liberal-conservative party, and the CDA (Christan Democratic Appeal), a center-right party. The coalition government is supported by a minority party, the Party For Freedom (PVV), which is a strongly anti-immigration party. (The PVV is to Dutch politics what the Tea Party is to American politics.) The Netherlands legalized same-sex marriage in 2001, but some civil servants still refuse to perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples. Granted, it’s a tiny, tiny minority of Dutch civil servants, but it is a problem.The PVV party recently indicated that it was going to draw up legislation allowing for the firing of civil servants who refuse to perform same-sex marriages. Yay, right?

Not exactly.

As it turns out, the PVV’s plan seems to be to drag its feet for as long as possible to delay voting on such legislation because it doesn’t want to upset the Reformed Political Party (SGP), a conservative Christan party.

Even socialism can’t stop Jesus from ruining everything.

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