“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” -Ralph Ellison

I mentioned previously my problem with the website, The Pursuit Of Harypness. Here is another example with their brand of “feminism.”

The posts asks “Is No Sex Still Sex Positive?”

The fact that they have to ask this question at all bothers me. Why should women, making a reasoned and conscience choice to abstain from sex, not be sex positive? Sure, I see the obvious connection between abstinence and brainwashing religion, but that isn’t what the post is questioning. Everyone, well, intelligent people know that brainwashing people into thinking sex is bad, dirty, or merely for procreation is bad and clearly not sex positive. However, there is nothing wrong with women who choose to be abstinent, either temporarily (e.g. for a few months) or permanently (e.g. until marriage).

Sure, I don’t want to live the no sex until marriage lifestyle. I like fucking. I like fucking a lot of people.

Feminism should not be about deciding what is right for women. “Feminists” who argue that abstinence is brainwashing or religious dogma, may sometimes be accurate, but are also commiting the same sin. They have decided what is best for women.

Men shouldn’t be telling women what to do. Women shouldn’t be telling women what to do. And certainly not a bunch of self described “harpies.”

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