Follow Up To Only Three Apps For That

I wrote a few months ago about checking to see how many apps I actually use on my phone. According to an article in The Verge, most people spend 80% of the time on their phone using three apps.

Well the results are in. After two months of tracking, it turns out I need 5 apps to get to 80%

24.4% – What’s App
20.0% – Hangouts
14.4% – Feedly
13.3% – Phone
12.2% –  Twitter
Total: 84.3%


It’s true that I spend a lot of time on those apps. Mostly because they are either apps I consume media with (Feedly and Twitter) or spend a lot of time typing in (Hangouts and What’s App.)

What I think is interesting, though, is that those aren’t the most important apps on my phone. If I had to choose between Hangouts and, say, 9292 (the Dutch transportation app), I’d take 9292 any day.

There’s a few other interesting things. The tracker I used doesn’t count apps that are running in the background, so Pocket Casts and Google Play Music seem like they are rarely used, despite the fact that I am nearly always listening to something on my phone. Also, it doesn’t register notifications as app usage, so Gmail ranks very low but is probably the reason I pick up my phone the most often.
I think apps are somewhat like having a closet full of clothes. You probably wear the same things most of the time, but you need your running shoes or the dress for the formal event or your bathing suit all the same.

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