Gay Head

Every artist was first an amateur. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

America get its first black president. (Although we aren’t the first country to elect an ethnic minority to the highest office in the land, Argentina beat us to that.) And now, the world gets its first gay head of state. Meet Johanna:

Granted, she’s the interim Prime Minister. Of Iceland. Which may not be a country for much longer. But still, I’d do her.

From this article:

“Johanna is a very private person,” said an Icelandic government source. “A lot of people didn’t even know she was gay. When they learn about it people tend to shrug and say, ‘Oh’. That’s not to say they are not interested; they are interested in who she’s living with – but no more so than if she was a man living with a woman.”

I cannot wait until it is like that in the US.

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