Gender Roles

“The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: ‘It’s a girl!” -Shirley Chisholm

A Facebook friend recently updated her status to some along the lines of “I did XYZ! Who needs a man?”

Really? REALLY?

It’s 2010 and we’re still reduced to “gender defined” household chores. I can take the trash out just as well as anyone. There is zero skill involved in that. So what is it a male chore? (Because there is zero skill involved! Ba Dum Ching! I must bash men to be a feminist!)

I love to cook (typical female chore) but being a chef is a male dominated profession. Nearly all of my favorite chefs are men. How am I supposed to reconcile this? Am I being a good woman by keeping my ass in the kitchen? Or am I ruining the family unit by excelling at a male dominated profession? Crap.

Just because it involves a power tool or plumbing and you own a vagina doesn’t mean you get to feel special that you were triumphant. You should know how to do basic household maintenance. Everyone should. Everyone should be able to make a basic meal, balance a check book, change a flat, check their oil, hang a painting, and do laundry.

There is zero guarantee that you’re going to have a partner. There’s even less guarantee that your partner will be able to do all those “gender-y” things. You need to be able to fend for yourself.

My best (male) friend said this while I was bitching about the Facebook comment: 

“I did the laundry, I don’t need chicks. Except they have pussies and I don’t.”

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