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Over the weekend, actual Nazis marched on the campus of the University of Virginia. They drove a car into a group of counter protesters, killing at least one person and injuring many more. As disgusted and pained as I am, what I am not is surprised.

There is a bright and clear line between Trump and what happened in Virginia. These people are empowered and emboldened by Trump’s rhetoric. The worst, the actual racists and anti-semites and misogynists and Nazis and KKK members, have rightfully seen the Trump election as an endorsement of their beliefs. To those sympathetic and susceptible to the cause, Trump has given a pass to racist, misogynist and other bigoted beliefs. He’s enabled the spread of this hatred and, almost worst, given it the veneer of acceptability.

If you voted for Trump, and you don’t regret that vote considerably and aren’t spending a lot of time trying to make amends for that mistake, I don’t want to be your friend.

If you are a single issue voter and that issue isn’t “opposing actual Nazis” you need to reconsider your life. I also think the environment is important. I also think everyone should have access to health care. How much support are those causes getting under Trump?

If you couldn’t bring yourself to vote for Clinton because she was “no different” than Trump, you need to pack up your life, start over and spend more time in school. You honestly think Clinton would have implement a Muslim ban? You think Clinton wouldn’t have condemned Nazi violence? You think Clinton would be attempting to start a nuclear war with North Korea on Twitter? If you think those things, by the way, you’re delusional or dumb or both.

If you voted or some third party candidate for whatever bullshit reason, I hope this serves as a wake up call. America isn’t a multiparty system. I’m not a big fan of that either. However, if you genuinely want to make progress towards having viable third parties, the place to start isn’t with a protest vote for president. You better be out there, working hard locally to elect local officials, setting up alternative parties and whatever else needs to be done to shift the country in that direction. If not, you are as much of a part of the problem as anyone who voted for Trump.

And, finally, if you’ve ever said, either out loud or to yourself, “Not all men” or “Not all white people” or some permutation thereof, check your privilege and get your life together.


  1. Mark Jones

    Victims of Neo-Nazis since 2015: 1

    Victims of Islamic terrorists since 2015: Hundreds

    And all Trump supporters are white supremicists, while Muslim jihadists killing in Europe have nothing to do Islam.

    Staggering double standards.

  2. Denise Herron

    I’m on board with everything you’ve said, except for one part:
    “…if you’ve ever said, either out loud or to yourself, ‘Not all men’ or ‘Not all white people’ or some permutation thereof, check your privilege and get your life together.”

    White Privilege and Male Privilege are becoming meaningless terms used to ignore the opinions of members of our population. Why don’t we start judging people’s opinions based on the content of those opinions rather than their race or gender? EVERYONE’S opinion comes from their own life experiences, not just white people, and not just men. One person’s experience will give them one world view, while another person’s experience will give them another. Dismissing someone’s opinion because their experience is different than yours is not productive and, frankly, it’s very immature. A meaningful dialogue that acknowledges these different experiences and RESPECTFULLY explains the way that someone else’s experience is different will do more to bring us all to a mutual understanding and harmony.

    Double standards are not okay for ANYONE. Dismissing or demonizing a section of a population because they have done so to others does not solve the problem.

  3. Mark Jones

    A really good point. It’s actually incredible someone could judge people not as individuals but by their group identity. Not all “white people” or “men” are the same, obviously.

    And if you do group them together, then you’re profiling by race and gender, no? Is that okay when it’s done to minorities, LBGT, etc? Of course not. This is different standards for different population groups.

    It’s not okay to target certain people by their group identity just because you don’t like them, whoever they are.

    And I realize that the author didn’t mention Islam, but there was just a terrorist attack in Barcelona where at least 14 people died. And I know what Clinton would’ve said, which is what liberals/leftists are currently saying, namely “Don’t judge all Muslims by the acts of a few terrorists.”

    That is correct, of course, though there are issues with Islam (Salafism & Wahhabism) that are not discussed. But current liberal/leftists are not using the same logic to apply to their political opponents, Trump supporters. If you go to a Trump rally today, you will be smeared as a white supremacist by American mainstream media.

  4. I guess all those black people who died at the hands of Dylan Roof don’t count?

    The reality is that in the US, the overwhemling number of terrorists are motivated by right-wing ideology, not Islam. Nice try though.

  5. Bubbles Bath

    What an intelligent and thoughtful response, Molly! I like the way you addressed the points made and explained why you disagree, rather than just spitting out buzz words. It really backs up your opinion and leads to a healthy, productive discussion. Perhaps you can teach this mature method of debate to the others that prefer to scream “fuck you, you’re an awful person” to anyone that disagrees with them…

  6. Bubbles Bath

    Have you ever had a calm, rational discussion with a Trump supporter about WHY they support him before jumping to conclusions about ALL of their ideologies? Engaging in a discussion like that, and respectfully bringing up counter-points, is more likely to change someone’s mind and create real progress than blind assumptions and name-calling. But it sounds like you’re more interested in spreading hate and judgement than solving the problems, which is not all that different from the white supremist groups that we all want to abolish. If you really want your message to be heard, you’re going to have to find a more mature and intelligent way to spread it.

  7. There is no justification for continuing to support Trump unless you’re a racist bigot or are bothered by racist bigots. I’m not engaging in a counter point discussion with them because there is nothing to discuss.

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