Health Care Reading List

“I do my own research. I have a very logical mind. I look for the loopholes in the arguments.” -Robert Fink

I have opinions about the health care bill. Of course, I have opinions about everything. I’m not a health care economist. I’m not a health care policy expert. I’m just a girl with a blog. So honestly, you shouldn’t listen too much to my opinions on the bill. You should go read things from really smart people who are experts in the field. Here’s some suggestions:

New York Times piece on how the health care bill will affect you. Well-organized format and easy to understand.

A look at the bill specifics from the San Fransisco Chronicle. A similar piece from the Wall Street Journal.

Paul Krugman’s piece on why we need health care reform.

The Wall Street Journal puts together letters from health care economists weigh in on both sides.

Kiplinger discusses the tax increase in the bill.

The Economist argues that the bill needs to pass.

An article from the Christian Science monitor about the pros and cons of the bill.

breakdown of health care costs from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

report comparing health care in America to health care in other industrialized nations by NPR. The sidebar has the break down of shows/articles by country.

NPR also has a side by side chart on American vs. Other Countries on the costs and outcomes of health care.

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