“This is not a sham, not a game. This is the real stuff.” –Marion Barry

As you may know, Mayor For Life Marion Barry was arrested on stalking charges on July 4th. Between this and what can only be a Vicodin-fueled resignation speech from Sarah Palin, I love my country and its politics.

D.C. Universe sums up the Marion Barry better than I can:

“Laws clearly ceased applying to Marion Barry a long time ago. In
fact, if I were him, I’d establish this as fact by simply running someone
down with my car in front of witnesses. And at my trial, when my attorney
asked me why I did it, I’d just grin and say, “Bitch set me up!” Everyone would laugh at what an adorable old rascal I was, and the judge would dismiss the case, and I’d go out and easily win reelection from my retarded Ward 8 constituents.”

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