How To Dress A Salad

“Friends are the Bacon Bits in the Salad Bowl of Life.”

Andreas Viestad, from the Washington Post, has a great piece on how to make salad dressing.

Wanna know the trouble with salad? According to Viestad,

“Here is where it gets complicated: Salad hates dressing, and dressing hates itself.”

Viestad suggests

“The trick is to make the two come together in an emulsion, just as when making a mayonnaise or hollandaise. Luckily, that is much easier with a dressing than with the classic French sauces. All you need is an emulsifier. Add a teaspoon of mustard or egg yolk (or both, as I do with Caesar salad), stir or shake vigorously and you will have a thick dressing that coats the salad leaves evenly, with all the flavor components in each drop.”

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