If Stupidity Ended, So Would My Blog

“Without the capacity to provide its own information, the mind drifts into randomness.” -Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

PZ Myers was named on Focus on the Family’s “Five Media Leftists Who Distort American’s Views On The Bush and Obama Presidencies.”

First, that is the worst title for a list ever. It’s too fucking long. They should have called it “Five Random Leftys We Hate.” That would have been way more accurate.

Secondly, the list includes (the links are to Wikipedia posts) 1) Paul Krugman (the Nobel prize-winning economist) 2) Jon Meacham (the editor Newsweek) 3) Ezra Klein (a blogger for the Washington Post/editor of The American Prospect) 4) Janeane Garofalo (actress) 5) PZ Myers (blogger).

The runners up are: Bill Maher (host of Real Time with Bill Maher), Keith Olbermann (host of Countdown with Keith Olbermann), Joy Behar (actress), Josh Marshall (creator of Talking Points Memo), David Fenton (CEO of Fenton Communications), and Jeffrey Toobin (author/lawyer/legal analyst for CNN).

Other than my obvious problems with Focus on the Family being generally retarded, I’ve got a more specific issue with this list. What the fuck is it? It’s literally a list of random people on the left (sorta, I’m not sure I’d call Bill Maher or Jeffrey Toobin a leftist) that Focus on the Family dislikes. I’m not sure how Janeane Garofalo counts as a media lefty, other than her being famous and a progressive. Same with Paul Krugman. He certainly doesn’t distort views, unless you count just disagreeing with conservative economists. And no offense to PZ, but a “Media Lefist Who Distort American’s Views” somewhat overstates PZ’s importance in the media community.

Who the hell came up with this list at Focus on the Family? Did they they just throw darts at their board of “Evil Lefties?” Pin the Tail on the Evil Leftie?

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