Is Blogging Dead?

Google “Is blogging dead?” and you’ll get top search results from plenty of blogs, but also major traditional news outlets like The Guardian and Mother Jones. I didn’t search for this on a whim, I was listening to a backlog ofFreakonomics podcasts and in a live show, Stephen Dubner mentions how much he misses blogging.


There’s been lots of talk as of late that blogging is dead. That Twitter and Facebook have taken over. Facebook is now going to allow news outlets to publish directly to the site, further killing blogging, the story goes.

Whether or not blogging is dead or dying, depends, mostly on how you define blogging. Traditional print newspapers have post content to their website that doesn’t appear in print. Is that blogging? Is Jezebel? Is Twitter really the same as blogging? Does the existence of Storify change the answer?

In the interview, Dubner says something else as well. As he came from traditional journalism, he says the best part about blogging is that there is no gatekeeper between you and being published. You can write something. And publish it. It is as simple as that.

So long as people have the desire to write things and then publish them for the others to read without interference, blogging, in some form will exist.

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