Less Than Fifty Shades Of Almost Thirty

Lynn, over at Nomad Mom Diary, came up with the brilliantly titled “Fifty Shades of Almost Forty” where she lists fifty things about approaching forty. She’s more dedicated to her readers than I am, because there’s no way I’m coming up with fifty things about turning thirty, but the post did get me thinking about turning thirty. It’s not the first time it’s crossed my mind, either.


So here are my shades:

1. I get up earlier voluntarily
2. But there are still nights when I shut down the bar and sleep til 11AM the next day
3. Gotta love working for yourself
4. Sugary cereal for breakfast is gross now
5. But Lucky Charms are the best dessert
6. Foods I didn’t like at nineteen, I like now.
Blueberries, kiwi, brie, caviar, scallops, hoppy beer*
7. And I know so much more about food.
8. I didn’t know what pho or gulab jamun or sponge candy was when I was nineteen
9. I’ve seen way more of the world now
10. But not nearly enough.
11. I still have no idea what I want to do when I “grow up”
12. At least I’ve tried a few things out
13. I’ve cut jobs and accomplishments off of my CV because everything doesn’t fit now
14. I’m starting to lose the feeling of imposter syndrome. Maybe it will disappear when I’m approaching forty?
15. I’m single
16. And it still doesn’t bother me
17. I still don’t want kids
18. Finding a job is not the most stressful thing in my life
19. Finding a visa is
20. I care way less about what people think of me
21. I’m no longer always the youngest person in the room
22. But I’m not yet the oldest person in the room
23. It often feels like it though, because I’m crotchety
24. I have only gotten worse about my personal space and not wanting to compromise
25. In my head, I’m just a more worldly 19


*Yeah, that’s right, I didn’t like hoppy beer at nineteen.

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