Math Proves Crazies Wrong

“In fact, one thing that I have noticed. . .  is that all of these conspiracy theories depend on the perpetrators being endlessly clever. I think you’ll find the facts also work if you assume everyone is endlessly stupid.” -Brian Moore

I have never encountered a conspiracy theory I’ve liked. From the “faked” moon landing to the US government’s “involvement” in 9/11, they all seem logistically impossible and completely foolish. A conspiracy requires too many people with too many selfish motivations to actually work.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Joseph Wilson, over at Entsophy, has put together a statistical model demonstrating the improbability of a successful conspiracy theory. (Unrelated, he has way more degrees than anyone needs.)

“The reality is that conspiracies are rarely tried and usually caught.”


(H/T: Daily Dish)

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