May House Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about that house. That’s mostly because there hasn’t been much house progress.

We’ve basically been working on the bed project, which has been moving along, though slowly. We also took some vacation. And watched Eurovision. Everyone deserves a break.

But we’re now back in the saddle and we’ve made some progress.

So here’s the bed update.

It’s done! Complete with custom-made Belgian sheets. We still need to find some decorative pillows and put some things on the storage boxes on the side, but we’re sleeping in it.

The bed has so much storage space, so another thing we did was clean out the shed and all of the other storage closets to do some reorganising and shuffle some stuff to underneath the bed. Now whenever I open a closet in the house, it’s like the heavens open and angels sing.

The balustrade is in and painted and honestly looks great.

The next project was to install the curtain rod. Of course, the window isn’t a standard size, so we’ve had to build that as well. Also in and done. It needs another set of curtains, these aren’t wide enough.

This past weekend we were supposed to get the wood to finish the balcony but there was a mix up, confusion and basically it didn’t get done. We did manage to get some tiles to work on the front garden. It’s still undone but we haven’t totally decided what we want to do yet.

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