Maybe There Was Some Good In The Bullet Journal

I wrote awhile ago about trying out bullet journaling. By day two, I hated it more than liquorice. I toughed it out for a month and somehow managed to not dump lighter fluid all over it and light it on fire when I was done.

Afterwards, I was still left with the problems I had that I thought the bullet journal would solve. I was still carrying around a folder in my work bag for bits of paper. I was still juggling a bunch of different notebooks. I was still sticking receipts and business cards in my wallet and forgetting about them. I was still creating a paper to do list every day, despite using an online task tracker. Basically, I’d just made myself mad for a month and hadn’t solved any problems.

So I took a long, hard look at what I was missing. One that did not involve getting really into Pinterest. (Bullet journal doodles are so cute, I can’t restrain myself.)

What I hated about the bullet journal: I was paranoid about losing my calendar and my to do list if I lost my journal. I had no way to keep short notes/links/etc electronically.

But I also liked some things. I liked having a single book with me all the time to keep interview notes in. I liked having somewhere to keep all of the scraps of paper I seem to acquire in my life. And I really liked having my paper to do list every day.  

Meet my new notebook:

It looks lovely, it’s got lots of internal pockets to hold all of my things and the best part is that I just use recycled paper, punch holes into it and use that for my note taking.

What it is:
Basically a fancy binder

What it is not:

A day planner
A long term to do list
A tracker
A diary/journal
A goddamn bullet journal.

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