More Bad Advice

“Frequently, the people most ready and willing to offer you advice are the ones least qualified to be giving it.” -Michelle Johnson

Dear Marie Claire magazine,

You can go fuck yourself.


Anyone with a goddamn brain.

Here is an article in Marie Claire talking about one night stands. The title of said article is “Why Do We Have One Night Stands?”

So you’d think maybe a researcher into human behavior wrote this article, right? Ya know, someone who who has a scientific background and is going to be all “well, this hormone and that hormone.” You’d be wrong.

Maybe a psychologist or sex therapist? Someone who is an expert on human behavior? You’d be wrong again.

Oh I know, this article must have been written by a snarky sex advice columnist! *cough Dan Savage cough* Three strikes.

Nope, it’s written by a guy who, in his opening paragraph, says:

“I don’t condone one-night stands.”

Wait what? Isn’t that like asking your priest to show you how to put on a condom?

He lists the 6 mentalities that lead people to having a one night stand. Of course, he knows these because he’s had so many one night stands. (Nope, he’s had three.)

And according to our expert:

“The mindsets outlined above are about vulnerability.”

Or, maybe, it’s just about being horny.

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