More Econ Nerdyness

“It’s not social manipulation. It’s reinforcing customer satisfaction.” – Yale Fox

A DJ in Canada is studying how music impacts customers drink purchases.

“The First Drink Syndrome – Bar sales spiked when waves of people entered the club, no matter what music was playing. It’s the urge to fit in. “People will purchase a drink, even if it’s just something to hold on to,” he says.

Genre-cycling – Clubbers seemed happiest and bar sales healthiest when he kept mixing short sets of one type of music – such as reggae, hip hop, electronic – with other types. When one guest DJ spent an hour playing only one genre, bar sales decreased by an estimated 188.4 drinks.

Perfectly-timed “bangers” – When the DJ plays bangers, the top few songs on the charts, people rush to the dance floor. If the bangers are timed to end at “last call,” 1:45 a.m., booze sales spike.”

He argues it isn’t social manipulation and I agree. I mean, DJ’s aren’t trying to get patrons to swallow their on tongues…

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