Must I Love All Of You?

“I like the whole package to be good. It’s a rarity that that happens.” -Robin Wright

I was having a discussion with Britni a few weeks ago about why she doesn’t participate in HNT anymore. (Though she barely participates in anything at all anymore, but that’s beside the point.) She said that she didn’t participate anymore because she disliked that people would come to look at her naked pictures but not stay for the intelligent things that she had to say.

I see her point. As a blogger, you hope that everything you write is so titillating that your readers are on the edge of their seat the ENTIRE time. But they aren’t.

That’s cool.

I cover a pretty wide variety of topics on here. I know that Britni hates to cook, so odds are good that she skips the recipes that I post. I never read toy reviews, so I skip anything she (or a number of other bloggers) review. I also don’t like erotica, so if you write it, I probably also just skip right over that in my Google reader. Poetry? Blech. Skip. The Mental Health Break from The Daily Dish? No thanks. In fact, there are some blogs I read for just one type of post. I skim through some “mommy blogs” for recipes. So I don’t mind people coming to my blog just for HNT or just for the recipes or just for the Book Club.

Perhaps it should be different because it’s HNT and therefore just a semi-naked picture. I disagree with that assessment because I often put just as much time and effort into my HNT pictures as I do many of my posts. There are lots of metaphorical scraps on the cutting room floor in my apartment on Thursdays. So if you come for just my awesome photography skills, that’s cool. Also, I work hard on both my body and my mind. Ideally, I’d like to be appreciated for my entire package, but some people aren’t into redheads or don’t agree with my viewpoint on the Gold Standard. (Editor’s note: These people are defective, in my opinion.)

So come for the naked pics or the pasta recipes. Stay for the rest, if you’d like.

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