Needing More Time

I’m writing this post with an overdue to do list, staring at the clock, knowing I will be late  for my yoga class because I’m trying to get this written.

I just never have enough time.

Everyone is busy. I’m not trying to win the “Oh I’m So Busy” Olympics. I’ll happily give that gold medal to someone else. But, lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to better manage my time so that I have the time to do the things that I want. And, more importantly, not feel constantly in a rush and overwhelmed. (Like, for example, now, when trying to finish this post…)

I know I’m a workaholic and that I should cut back. Recently, I have, slashing a few underpaying (or non-paying gigs) out of my life. And I’ve been structuring my time better. Scheduling days where I don’t have any meetings. Devoting certain days and afternoons to specific projects. It’s certainly helping.

But. My novel still isn’t finished. I don’t write here as often as I would like. I’m still working on launching a beer blog that was suppose to go live in August and, well, it’s October. It seems, very often, the things I enjoy doing most are the things that get pushed back the farthest.

I prioritize work over pleasure, even pleasure work (like blogging) over unpaid work (like filing.) Why is it that everyone else I know avoids work by watching Netflix and I avoid work by doing other work?

Maybe the problem isn’t that I don’t have enough time, but that I’m a masochist…


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