No Degree In Economics Needed

“If ignorance paid dividends most Americans could make a fortune out of what they don’t know about economics.” -Luther Hodges

Bread LinesThe Dutch Social Affairs Minister is calling for people on welfare to move, if they can’t find a job where they are currently residing. His rational is that there are plenty of jobs available in the Netherlands.

“’We have half a million people under the age of 65 who get benefits but are able to work,’ he said. ‘We have 300,000 people from other EU countries who fill jobs here and we have 100,000 vacancies. So there is plenty of work.’”

Of course, he doesn’t seem to consider that many of the people on welfare probably don’t have the skills required to fill many of those positions. There are plenty of companies hiring in nearly every place with high unemployment. It’s called structural unemployment.*

How many of those half a million people have PhDs? Probably very few, yet I see plenty of postings for jobs requiring a PhD. How many of those people speak Swedish or Italian? Well then you can’t apply for all of those jobs requiring fluency in those languages.

Perhaps instead of griping about the people on welfare, this MP could set up schools to teach recipients Swedish.

*For the record, neither GDNAL nor myself could remember this term. My little brother did.

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