I am a compulsive podcast listener. Lately I’ve been binge listening to What You’re Wrong About, where two journalists “circle back to an event, person or trend that’s been misremembered in the public imagination.” It’s really well done but also very depressing. Previous topics have included the Satanic Panic, Stranger Danger and Jeffery Dahmer. 

But I listen to lots and lots of others. News, politics, sports, economics and even some fiction podcasts. I will occasionally listen to audio books as well, though I don’t enjoy them as much. I like to read a book and find that books are often better consumed in the written form. They aren’t made for audio. 

And if not a podcast, then probably music, though that’s rare. I listen to music when I run and sometimes when doing a shared chore with my partner, as we might be frequently talking. If a podcast were on, I would get frustrated at the constant interruption. 

But I can’t not have something on. 

“Do you agree?” by Grind Bat

A few months ago, a friend of mine said to me “You don’t always have to be consuming something.” 

But I really do. 

What do you listen to?

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