Notice Periods

Sparked by a post on LinkedIn, the big thing to talk about a few weeks ago was employee ghosting.

This post, detailing how a recruiter couldn’t get ahold of an applicant, spawned a bunch of articles in the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, NPR and more. Setting aside the fact that the recruiter interviewed for the original piece messaged the candidate a dozen times via email, text and snail mail which is some serious stalker shit, the piece went on to outline how much trouble this ghosting thing was causing for employers.

The subsequent pieces all interviewed various HR and recruitment folks who had similar experience and then a number of advice places writing to address what potential employees should do instead of ghosting.

This isn’t new. There have been a bunch of articles over at least the past year talking about ghosting. And it shouldn’t be terribly surprising, given the current economic conditions.

But here we are, with a bunch of pro-business pearl-clutching about these employees.

Anyone who has applied for jobs has been ghosting by employers during the process. We’ve all sent applications off to some system and didn’t even get an acknowledgment email. Hiring processes routinely drag on for months and months. People put their notice in at their current position, only to have their new offer revoked. Legally, workers in the US have few protections.

So I have zero sympathy for these employers and recruiters. What goes around, comes around.

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