On Getting Older

My previous post about things to do before you turn 30 got me thinking about getting older. I’m getting old enough to where people ask me “If it’s ok” to ask how old I am or joke about me being obviously younger than my actual age.

People do this because society says that getting older is bad. Aging is something to be fought at all costs. Older people aren’t sexy, they aren’t cool. I won’t say I’ve never subscribed to this philosophy (especially when dealing with a luddite elderly person) but I don’t typically think about getting older in a negative sense.

I remember hearing Bruce Springstein’s Glory Days in high school and really hoping that this wasn’t the pinnacle of my life.

It wasn’t.

Life has only gotten better for me since graduation. I’m smarter, I like myself more, I care what others think less, I’ve got more disposable income, I’ve got less stress. Certainly things aren’t perfect, but I wouldn’t trade 29 for 19.

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