Online Dating Is The Worst

3118847874_c8532df3e0_oI’ve had mixed results with online dating. Most of it bad, so I guess by mixed I mean “Well no one has tried to murder me yet.”

It turns out, however, that dating is a really time consuming process. First, you have to filter through all of the messages, most of which are from crazy people. Then you respond to the ones who don’t seem crazy, only to find out that most of them really are.

Then you start talking to someone who isn’t crazy and you spend a bunch of time exchanging messaging to figure out if you like each other. Usually you don’t. The ones you do, you agree to meet.

You figure out a time that works for you both, you get ready for said date, go to the date and pretty much discover that you don’t like them afterall. Or they have stupid hair. There’s a lot of stupid hair.

Then there’s the follow up. The recapping with your friends. The messaging to ask about another date. Figuring out how to decline said follow up date.

I’ve been on a bunch of dates now and, ya know what, I could have finished my stupid book if I took the energy I spent on dating on that. Or any of the other number of projects I’m working on.

And I’d rather have a book than a date.

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