Online Shopping, Expat Style

I was listening to the Slate’s Culture Gabfest the other day and they were discussing The Prowl. It’s a new social media channel which allows users to shop for one another. It’s a bit like Pinterest. Users create boards of items they are searching for and can include photos and descriptions. Other users can then comment and suggest items that might fit.

The Gabfest discussed how they much prefer to shop with their family and friends and talked about the whole experience of shopping as a pleasurable way to spend time together. Of course, the non-shoppers on the show disagreed but, though I’m not a heavy shopper, I agree about the experience part.

They focused are how this website doesn’t really substitute for group shopping, as you don’t get the fun aspects like chatting with your friends and trying on clothing. However, when your best friends live in another country, you can’t exactly get together for an afternoon at the mall.

I could see site like The Prowl really being a hit with those of us whose most preferred fashion advisees aren’t anywhere near our zip code.

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