Pack With Me

Like many folks, I like to watch YouTube. And, as with any platform, there are trends. One of the trends amongst YouTube’s cool kids is to do Pack With Me videos, where they show you what they pack for a weekend or their travel makeup kit, etc. I’ve been watching a few of these. 

Last year I took a job that involved a lot of travel. I went from traveling for work maybe two or three times per year, to having short trips two or three times per month. I thought I had a packing system mostly figured out. I quickly learned I did not. 

The thing that has frustrated me the most is packing toiletries. I can’t seem to find travel sizes for stuff. Things constantly need to be refilled. I don’t need the same things for a two-day trip that I do for a three-day trip. 

This led me to watch a lot of these videos on YouTube and feeling worse about myself because my bag does not look like this: But I’ve been trying and it’s getting better. So here’s what I packed on my last trip. I left on Tuesday afternoon and returned on Sunday evening. I was away for work and then was joined for the weekend by my partner for a weekend away.

General toiletries



Make Up

My skincare routine isn’t usually that intense, but the air in the plane and the hotel room are really dry and they wreak havoc on my skin (and hair) so I bring along some hydrating face and hair masks to use in the evenings to try to combat that.

Generally, I think my biggest frustrations are that I can’t consistently find travel-sized versions of things I use, that I haven’t found a set of refillable bottles that I like and I haven’t figured out how to use the same things for multiple purposes. A lot of the travel size stuff is way too big for a few days. Also, I wish all the containers matched.

This is my imperfect pack with me journey. I’m constantly looking for tips and tricks for condensing this stuff and traveling better, so if you have them, please let me know.