“Haste makes waste.” -Proverb

So as everyone knows, McCain tapped the governor of Alaska Sarah Palinas his Vice President. My kid brother texts me today. He’s starting a pool on how long it will take her to rescind her acceptance a la Harriet Myers.

Initially, my reaction was rather skeptical. Of course, I dislike her because she’s radically anti-choice and anti-gay. I also think that she is grossly under qualified.  She’s been governor of Alaska, a state with a population of 670,000 for two years. Before that she was the mayor of a small town, chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas commission and before that on city council. Let’s be honest, Alaska is a fake state. Almost 20 US cities have larger populations than all of Alaska (including Memphis, Tennessee).

My larger problem with her candidacy lies with the McCain campaign.  They seem to just toss a couple of conservative female Republican names into a hat and pick. She’s currently under investigation for the troopergate scandal in which she allegedly fired the head of the Alaska Public Safety Commission for not firing her former brother -in-law, an Alaskan state trooper.  Who thinks its a good fucking idea to pick a Vice Presidential candidate whose currently under investigation?

However, my larger problem is that she wasn’t properly vetted. I feel like McCain heard of her, liked her “maverick” reputation, and picked her without giving it more consideration or a proper investigation. He didn’t even search her hometown newspaper for stories before selecting her. The FBI didn’t investigate her. He didn’t even get a team to Alaska to research her until the day before he made the announcement. Now there are rumors coming out that she maybe had an affair with her husbands business partner.  For me, this is the bigger problem.   The first MAJOR decision of a potential president is the choice of running mate and McCain utilized the well established ennie-meenie-minie-moe method of selection.   Plus, she’s and idiot and supports the phrase “under god” in the pledge because it was good enough for the founding fathers.  Does she also support English because it was good enough for Jesus?

Edit: Apparently, people smarter than I am already made this point. Damnit.

Edit 2: Dan has a really good take on the Palin thing too. Of course most of thse talking points he stole from me!!!!

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