Personal Responsibility

“The Internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication since the invention of call waiting.” -Dave Barry

I caught this post on the Daily Dish regarding a plan to install wifi on NYC’s subway system. Sullivan takes a quote from this piece by Hanna Miet.

Miet says:

“We are being denied the basic liberty to pretend we did not receive an email on off-hours. We have lost the freedom to guzzle coffee, scan the tabloids and have wordless existential meltdowns as we travel to the places where we pretend to be competent worker bees.”

I’m confused. Is Michael Bloomberg demanding subway riders use wifi while denying them 30 oz sodas?

I’m a self-described internet addict. I’m constantly on Twitter, Facebook, email, Google Reader, and just about everything else. And yet, I’m fairly often found without any sort of device. I walk my dog without taking a phone with me. I often listen to music while on public transit and totally ignore my phone. Hell, I just went to the grocery store and just took enough cash to cover my purchase (old school budgeting!)

Even when I worked a 9-5, in an office, I often ignored my email. I turned the notifications off. So I could, ya know, focus on my work. No one died because I didn’t answer an email.

Ignore the frequent notifications we get. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t read that Tweet right now. If you can’t ignore, turn your the sound off on your phone and shut off the notifications on your tablet. And then do whatever the hell you want.

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