Raising Children

Not a post title you thought you’d see around here, eh?

I came across this article about feeding your toddler vegan through, who knows, Facebook, Twitter, something. The article was fine, raise your kid vegan, don’t. I don’t really give a damn. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a kid person.

But I made the mistake of reading the bottom half of the internet, also known as the comment section. Unsurprisingly, there are a bunch of armchair nutritionists who have all the answers regarding the proper diets of toddlers. Also, unsurprisingly, none of them agree.

What I found really interesting was the number of people who complained that the author was shoving her beliefs down her child’s throat.

More commonly known as raising your damn kid.

It turns out, you get to interact with your children differently than you do other, random adult human beings. For example, if you force your child out of bed on a Sunday morning and take them to church and tell them Jesus is the Lord and Savior, that’s considered acceptable parenting. If you come to my house and do that to me, that’s kidnapping. Similarly, if you stock the fridge in your house with vegan products and that’s what your kid eats, that’s acceptable. If you come over to my house and throw away my milk and cheese, you’re an asshole.Ra

I don’t know whether or not a toddler needs to eat milk or meat or spinach or whatever to be healthy. I do know that just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean that you get to question their parenting abilities.


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