Reading Update

I always set out some reading goals for myself each year. Mostly to nag myself into reading some things that I keep meaning to read but don’t and to get myself to focus on different types of literature.

Here are my 2019 goals:

Read 75 books, read more graphic novels (I read one this year), read (mostly/nearly all) books from my to read list or my stack of actual books at my house. Both of those have grown out of control and are unmanageable. Also to keep reading all of my book club books and to read the ones the group read before I started and to keep reading poetry.

Welp. I’ve surpassed that 75 book goal.

Last year, I felt like I really had to focus to hit my 100 book goal. (In the end, I exceeded it.) I wasn’t reading things that I couldn’t check into and that would count for my goal. So I wanted to set my goal lower. This year I am not having that problem.

I think a few things are at play. I had a (minor) surgery the first week of January, which left me laid up and tired for a while and, during that time, I read a lot. Then I’ve had two weeks of vacation where I’ve spent most of my time reading. When I look at when I read books, I read 47 books during those three weeks. Without that, I would still be ahead of my goal, but less so.

I have been doing okay at reading down my to read list. I started the year with 322 books on it and I’m currently at 270.

At that rate, I might get it down to something reasonable in a few years.

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