Restaurant Review – Proof

“All proofs rest on premises” – Aristotle

My excursion to Proof was a fluke.  A friend of a friend is the sommelier and part owner.  Our mutual friend decided, late one evening, that a group of us should go.  We slid in the door just before the kitchen stopped serving.

The restaurant is really well decorated. I love the huge walls of wine racks. The website has a gallery of photos.

One of my dining companions ordered the sweetbread, which was perfectly cooked. Another had the duck served over a sweet potato puree. The duck was juicy and fabulous. I had the gnocchi. I love gnocchi and this was, by far, some of the best gnocchi I’ve ever eaten.

For desert, we ordered a cheese plate.  It was a pretty standard cheese plate, but everything was good.  They have a really good selection.

The alcohol selection is really what puts Proof over the top. The beer and wine selection is phenomenal.  These are the three beers we had:

The Pink Killer is seriously killer.

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