Schroedinger’s Rapist

“A culture is made — or destroyed — by its articulate voices.” -Ayn Rand

Brit’s angry rant yesterday sparked a number of debates, both in the comments and out. I personally got into an particularly nasty argument with a close friend of mine over perceiving all men as rapists. Normally, I have plenty to say and would want to rant on. However, in this case, I don’t think I can do the argument nearly as much as just as others. So I’m merely going to direct my readers to this post.

I don’t read that blog regularly and I’m not even sure how I found that piece in the first place. However, it is excellently written and truly gets to the reasoning behind treating all men as potential rapists.

Yet, that article only addresses men who are strangers. As Brit noted in her post, her experience with sexual assault was with people she knew and thought she could trust. In fact, most sexual assaults are perpetrated by a person a woman knows.

You can’t limit Schroedinger’s Rapist to strangers. How do you figure out who to trust and who to not trust? I can’t say. When I was arguing yesterday, I said I trust about a handful of men totally and completely. The rest of the men I’m acquainted with, I’m skeptical of. For this, I was called overly paranoid and irrational.

Perhaps I am.

I’m more comfortable being called overly paranoid and irrational than I am being called a victim. Again.

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